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I see them everywhere! Once, I was at this handyman shop at the mall and there was this gorgeous hunk with his relatives. He looked like that of a mixed-race Pinoy variety, and those eyes! Despite the brown hair, his eyes are really dark and piercing, with thick eyelashes around. Of course, I dismissed him as straight, as he was with his family, and he really looked "straight," with that ectomorph body, and all. So I thought, he might be cute but he's straight. Not to mention that who am I, a mere mortal compared to his physical greatness, so I just brushed him off and went my way. Yet, he lingered around, which puzzled me. And we almost bumped, and he looked at my crotch! He looked at me eye to eye! Of course, I might be imagining things, so I just went straight to the guy I was dating with who was waiting for me outside the shop. Yeah, I just left the hunk! Oh, have you had that same experience? The super hot guy who you thought is out of your league yet he still seemed interested in you? After all these days, I still have this hope that someday I will meet him again.

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